Our Services

Cable Services at South Shore Cable

Underground Placement

Directional Boring

Vibratory Plowing


Conduit Placement

Innderduct Pulling

Aerial Placement

Strand & Lash


Building to Building

Figure 8 - Innerduct

ADSS (All Dielectric Self Support)

Fiber Optic Services


Pull & Blown in Conduit

Lashed to Strand


Splicing & Testing Services

Coaxial Cable

Rough Balance

System Sweep


Fiber Optic Fusion

Single & Multi-Mode

ODTR && Power Level

Custom Services

Emergency Restoral Program

24 Hours/7 Days a Week

Cable Locating

Buried Service Drops

Cable TV and Telephone

Our Managment Team

Our Equipment Includes:

  • Underground Placement - Boring & Trenching Equipment
  • Aerial Placement - Telsta Bucket Trucks, Figure 8 machine, Winch Trucks, etc.
  • Fiber Optic Services - ADSS, Pull & Blown In Conduit, Lashed to Strand, Overlash
  • Spicing & Testing Services - Splice Bucket Trucks, Siecor M90 Fusion Splicers, etc.

Cable service includes:

  • Fiber Optic Fusion - Single & Multi-Mode, ODTR & Power Level
  • Coaxial Cable - Rough Balance, System Sweep, CLI


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