Safety first at South Shore Cable

New Employee Safety Training

Weekly Tool Box Meeting

Random Drug Testing

Annual Safety Testing

Safety Course 

Safety Manager


Check Out Our Services

Our Equipment Includes:

  • Underground Placement - Boring & Trenching Equipment
  • Aerial Placement - Telsta Bucket Trucks, Figure 8 machine, Winch Trucks, etc.
  • Fiber Optic Services - ADSS, Pull & Blown In Conduit, Lashed to Strand, Overlash
  • Spicing & Testing Services - Splice Bucket Trucks, Siecor M90 Fusion Splicers, etc.

Cable service includes:

  • Fiber Optic Fusion - Single & Multi-Mode, ODTR & Power Level
  • Coaxial Cable - Rough Balance, System Sweep, CLI


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